Monday, February 25, 2013

Cue Spring 2013 part 2

Alright, I don't plan on sleeping tonight either, so I'll just try to finish this up.

SO...Digital 3D Animation...
I hated 3D modeling. Now we have to animate this shit. lol I'm sure if I had more time to learn and appreciate this kinda thing, it wouldn't be half as bad. But this class is just ugly. It's the only course I'm behind in so far. There are SO MANY things to learn about Autodesk Maya, and it's incredibly fast-paced. Learning takes a long time, modeling takes even longer, and figuring out how to smoothly animate takes even longer than that. I literally do not have the time of day for all the homework we're assigned in addition to everything else I have to do.
I asked Ms. R (yes, she teaches 3 of my classes this semester) how much my grade would lower if the assignments are late. She told me she was willing to be lenient with me, and me only due to my workload. I'm so grateful for that, but I'm still afraid I'm going to get too far behind. Really...I'm overwhelmed.

I don't have any footage of my animations so far to show here, but I'll get it eventually. It's reeeally surprising me how accepting Ms. R is of my work so far. She's usually so critical and judgmental of me, and I'm just counting my blessings at this point. She's literally using my work as an example in class - in 3D Animation AND Intermediate Electronic Art (just not that cherry tree animation thing she apparently hated :v ).

Here, I'll share the pokeball I just modeled recently just to show somethin' for my efforts. ^^;

Lastly, there's my Senior Seminar course...
This is another one of those where I have to work on one big, huge, giant, professional-grade project throughout the entire semester, and it's the other one I'm scared about.
I'm honestly not going to talk about it a whole lot. This is one of those things I just want to keep sort of quiet about and see what happens. I'm afraid if I reveal too much/get too ahead of myself, shit will hit the fan.
But it involves an autobiography and an extensive Gangnam Style parody video with my entire cadet wing. It's literally such a big project, I had to brief my commanders on all the implications and logistics in case it impacts the Air Force in any way once it goes online.

Yeah. I'm freaked out.

Just trying to breathe about it.


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