Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zelda vs. Sailor Moon in My Gallery

Well...I'm holding a poll to see what fanart people wanna see next from me on DeviantART, and it's overwhelmingly Zelda at the time I'm writing this.

I started wondering why that is since I draw Sailor Moon/ Uni stuff more than anything... Why do I have so many Zelda fanatics? xD
I think it may be because I've done some pretty big things with the Zelda stuff. I've been recognized by some people famous in the Zelda community for it, and on So. I guess. :v

But still.

It got me curious just how much more SM art I do than Zelda, and since I'm a professional procrastinator... :D I went through my whole gallery and made tallies. I made tallies for everything Uni/Sailor Moon related, and everything Zelda related...from personal fanart to commissions, requests, cosplay...anything.

Here're the results:

It was overwhelmingly SM at first, and then I got into all the Zelda commissions I've had. Tons. 
And I may have missed one or two here and there...and I've deleted some of my deviations since I joined back in 03. But...this is the bulk of it. 

Zelda -

But anyway, I guess it's not too big a difference. Sometimes I wonder if I had to go without one fandom or die...I'd pick Sailor Moon. True story. Personal reasons. But as much as I love and adore and dote on and am inspired by that fandom...I couldn't go without my LoZ~ Uni doesn't have to be a fracking sailor senshi. She could totally live on just as a demiangel.

So yeah. That concludes this random-ass entry. :]


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