Friday, November 9, 2012


This is crazy. I can hardly keep up anymore. ^^;

Currently, I'm trying to get drawings done for my 100 Drawings marathon assignment. Prof pushed the due date back a week so I have 5 days to get about 50+ of said drawings done. And it's hard as hell. I think I'm losing my mind. Because on top of that, I have my senior project to finish by 3 December which will involve two more photomanipulations, somehow printing a larger-than-life poster and adding sculpture to it, video shooting and editing, singing (yes, you're reading right), setting up a sound system and projector, and somehow finding the time to do all this...

Because I ALSO have the 3D modeling class for which I have to find time to catch up on all the assignments and then create a photorealistic still-life composition, and then a surreal one by Tuesday. Then in a few more weeks, we'll have a final project to work on...which will consist of many, many, many which time I will also be working on two more 3'x5'11" traditional works for my drawing class.

And on top of THAT...
I have my Understanding & Creating Art course (the one that's supposed to instruct wannabe elementary teachers how to teach art to kids) for which I must complete a paper mache project and construct 3 lesson plans, a unit plan, and put together a HUGE binder of assignments within the next few weeks.

Then on top of THAAAT...
I have Astronomy with regular homework due weekly, and tests...that I'm not doin' so hot on. Surprisingly, it's not the math. I'm actually figuring that out somehow for the most part......... There's just a boat load of information thrown at me, and the test material isn't always clear.

Quit my part-time job back in June and got a loan 'cause there's no way I can hold somethin' like that and still be living right now with all the shit on my plate. Time hardly exists for me as it is. I can't even believe how fast this semester has flown by. So much has gotten done in a blur, it almost reminds me of boot camp.

I'm still slowly working on art commissions as well. Have to, really. No other income. Gotta feed myself...and mah cat. :U N' pay expenses, school expenses, yada yada. Loan isn't gonna last long.

Here's a preview of my 100 Drawings assignment:

Those were my first 10. It's really evolved since then. Ms. S is pushing me to be more inventive, loose, and experimental. 

Let's see...what else do I randomly wanna share...

A copper Majora's Mask design I made last semester and just recently sent off to my friend for his b-day~

Someone sneaked across mah piece...

Chocolate-covered peeps Mom sent for my b-day~ ;u;

My room when the sunlight hits the sun catcher in the late afternoon~

Kay, back to work.


Oh, P.S. - Steph, you're doing it again keep up the good work. :]

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