Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3D Modeling, Final Projects, Ms. S + Next Semester

I am in desperate need of sleep, so I'll try my best to make this sound coherent, and then crash for a bit...
But I worn the hell out.

Just going to share a few renders of the digital 3D modeling I've been doing. Photorealistic still life and surreal pieces were two big projects we just finished. We'll be working on our final now, which, for me, will be another surreal piece. This stiff definitely ain't my forte...and I'm dreading 3D animation next semester like nothin' else.

I modeled a goblet, champaign glass, and a knock off Sailor Neptune's aqua mirror...and then the rest of the objects are modeled from my home. The sword (which I also made a glass copy of), the picture frame, the lantern (which has flower images on the glass in reality, not my photo manipulation), and the candle inside the lantern. They each took me a few hours to model, and then getting the lighting and texturing set up just right took me weeks... =_= Hope I get a good grade. Many long nights here.

I'll share my final 3D project when it's done. It's due in a couple weeks.

Final projects in my other courses include 2 more 3x5'11" drawings, my big final senior seminar presentation and critique of all those photomanips, video, and singing, then there's a course binder due in my Understanding and Creating Art class which will take me a few more hours to put together, and then of course my Astronomy exam...which doesn't really count, but hey, it's shit to get done. :v

Here's a WIP of one of my last big drawings:

As I was working on my very last drawing today...soaked from the rain and dizzy from lack of sleep, I had a conversation with Ms. S about graphite technique. I asked if she ever browsed DeviantART, and she said yes only because her students seemed to really liked it. But she's pretty biased against it. She didn't tell me why, but it sounds like she's opposed to the digital world in general. You of THOSE artists. :] She's actually convinced that I will become a traditional painter, and I'm like.........yeah, no.

But anyway, I showed her this artist's graphite works that I really admire. I went on about how the technique was so mind-blowing and the details were so smooth, deep, and powerful, and how I felt my work was so simple and shallow in comparison. said she didn't think so. She actually said I'm fully capable of pulling off the technique of I put the time into it, and that I'm actually more skilled because I put deeper meaning into my pieces than that particular artist. One reason why she doesn't like DA is because its filled with that kind of static work that has no meaning other than to look pretty.

So, I got straight-faced and was like..."Alright...I'm going to show you the kind of work I do on a regular basis." And I showed her my gallery on DA so she could see that I do that same kind of stagnant illustration she doesn't like all the time.
it was interesting because she changed up her tone to sound a little less judgmental. But she still said she didn't like it. I didn't really care. I told her I like it and so do many other people. I create work with meaning, but it's her class that pushes me to do it in the way she likes.

She got stuck on my Guardian Angelfish piece. She liked the way it was created but the story behind it didn't "challenge" her enough as an artist she felt. It's too "straight forward" and uninteresting for her taste. She even brought over an older female student for another opinion.
The woman loved it to pieces and didn't nitpick about the meaning at all, so Ms. S was like, "Okay, you're being too nice, back to what I was saying..."
I was amused.
I turned to the woman and explained...right in front of our professor, "You see...the professors at this university seem to all like it when you can't really tell what's going on in a piece. They like art to provoke thought and interpretation. If it's all laid out for them, they think it's boring and unsuccessful."
Ms. S didn't disagree at all. It reminded me of when she told me she likes my mind, so I figured I'd just nailed that aspect on the head or something.

The other lady tried to find a way the piece was boring and unsuccessful after that, and she couldn't. She's not the best critic by any means, but I thought it was funny how much she liked it and how much prof didn't. The lady asked if Ms. S didn't like it because it was anime...and prof said no.

So, then I asked, "If I were to draw in this style with the same content I'm creating for this class, would you like it?"
And she said yes.

I didn't fully believe her as I remembered the "too generic" and "too anime" comments she'd made before...but perhaps she just wants something different for the class itself. But whatever, I still like my damn "stagnant" artwork. : |

And she has challenged me to attempt something similar to that graphite style I showed her.
She did tell me to "get over" DA...and I think it may have been meant that I should get over comparing myself to other artists. Buuut...then again she really doesn't like digital, so it could just be personal bias showing through.
Who knows. She's an odd one.

ANYWAY...before I crash, next semester I will be taking 3D Animation, Contemporary Art (history). Art of China and Japan (history), another senior seminar/independent study, Intermediate Electronic Art, and either a Figure Drawing course or a Video Art one...depending what's offered.

It will be more brutal than this semester's work-load, and my major advisor knows it...
Scary shit.

Kay, I'm out.


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