Thursday, November 15, 2012

100 Drawings - close-ups

     Well, I chose about 44 of 'em I really liked to share with y'all. I'd forgotten my camera at home during class, so I only have phone images of the pieces all out on the floor during critique. Yes, they're all mine. All 100. ^^;
The critique itself was brief, which kind of blew our minds considering how long and hard we worked on these. But it made sense 'cause we had 2,100 pieces to go through in 3 hours.

Stuff was heavy!

I worked a lot with eyes this round - one of my favorite subjects.


Inspired by a classmate who was creating traditionally "pixelated" art.

Don't like exaggerated eyelashes?
Hehe... >:]

This was hilarious... I literally got pissed at my phone, threw it on the canvas, and drew around it like it was bleeding. I then filled in the space where it was and called it a day. Apparently, Ms. S loved this one without any idea how it came to be... >.>

Mmm, integrated fun~

This was my 100th piece an illustration of Guardian Arella.
Was sleep deprived and sick of drawing depressing shit.

So, yes...I liked those best. You can view the drawing of last 30 or so pieces on Livestream:

Maybe I'll put a few on DA later, but need to move on now. 3D modeling is currently kicking my ass.

END OF THE SEMESTER'S COMING OMGGG!! Final projects will be the end of me.


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