Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drawing Assignment 9 + Art Feedback

For assignment 9 we were required to drawing something on three 18x24" pieces of paper, rip them up, and then put them back together in some way.

Yes, the cat did walk all over those pieces before I drew on them because kitties can't resist the strange new "sleeping pallets" on the floor. I didn't care because it'd end up being a shredded piece anyway.
People did a really nice job with this project and put their pieces together pretty strategically...some with flecked color here and there (while our primary medium had to be charcoal), and some even used the tape on the outside as a new texture.

We weren't allowed to talk about our pieces at all. It was just the class critiquing us and interpreting as they saw the various pieces. Despite the simple line work, I was told my style is very distinguishable - so that's cool.

I went for a shattered mirror effect...with chains, dead trees, and a scared female in the reflection. It went along with my most recent Senior Seminar piece.
And speaking of which, I recorded Ms. S giving me feedback on the seminar project on Monday.

You can see the pieces we're talking about in the pachyderm portfolio (weeks 4 + 5).
We have conversations like that at least twice a week. She spends a lot more time with me than other students because I have her for two courses, and she's constantly trying to push me in both.

In other news...

my wrist didn't heal in time, and I won't be taking my physical fitness assessment tomorrow with my peers. I went to the health center at school today and they gave me a brace and told me to rest it. : / Pretty disappointed, but oh well. Hopefully it'll be better in a week.


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