Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I figured out what a drawing is!!

Lmao...oh heavens...

Before you read this blog entry, read the journal I wrote on the subject on DeviantART.

Well, guess what...I stayed up all night trying to "draw" what I thought my professor would accept as an actual drawing, and it fricken worked.
Granted, I was pretty damn tired this morning, and physical training was rough...but I suppose it was worth it.

There are about 20 students in my Advanced Drawing course and we each had four 18x24" charcoal drawings due today. We went through the critique as a class, as usual, and when we got to my set, prof got up real close to the upper left-hand piece and studied it closely.

I got a bit nervous, like I though she was gonna say, "That's not what I wanted," but she had me go on with my explanation anyway.
I told the class that I chose to go with the encouragement I got about having myself in my images and made a bold move by sticking with it regardless of the negative feedback I've gotten about it in the past. The concept of these images revolved around light vs. dark, or good vs. evil in a way it has meaning in my life. I explained that things have happened to me in the past that I don't talk about very often because most people don't understand what I went through. So, I use art as my outlet for these emotions. There was a curse and a redemption, and I portrayed that with a figure that represents me, and then the character who represents my salvation.
The upper left image was a more realistic approach in style.

Anyway, we went through the whole critique before the instructor touched on her "what is a drawing" topic again. I let her know how frustrated that made me, and she seemed to get a kick out of it. I explained what we'd discussed on DA, but instead of giving me a solid answer, she just kind of nodded her head.
When she was giving examples of good actual DRAWINGS that had been brought in that day, mine was one of the ones she focused on. "The piece Ashleigh Brett did used expression effectively," or something along those lines. And she was so excited about it (the upper left one). I'm usually irritated when people chose my realistic work over my fantastical style simply because I don't like it as much. BUT...I did personally like that upper left one myself, so it was all good. :]
Later, as I was working on my big huge fat 3x6' drawing...

...she had me keep up the piece she liked so she could talk about it with me. We discussed the emotions that sparked it, and she encouraged me to keep exploring that area. She gets that it's a sensitive topic for me, but I said I'd try to work with it. The big image...I'll keep a surprise for now. But it will have to do with the theme I've been going with lately in charcoal.
Then, as she was giving us our homework assignment (another set of four 18x24" drawings), she mentioned me again... " upon your idea. Like, Ashleigh Brett will be continuing with the idea behind her piece there..." 
I wasn't sure why I kept being used as the example...or why she kept saying my whole name. lol She literally sang it, too...wasn't sure how to react to that one.

...And to think this was the professor I was afraid to take before.
I think she likes my stuff. p:

Look for a large single image of the highlighted piece today I talked about on DA.


P.S. I was listening to Robin Williams stand-up comedy as I drew these super serious images. It was great. :P

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Sakky said...

I can't wait to see what else you make in this class :D