Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drawing Assignments 5 + 6, Senior Project, 3D stuff

I finished the giant Uni piece, but I'll save showing you the finished photo of it for when I turn it in with the other two giant ones on Oct 8. Here's to hoping I finish on time. x.x These things are brutal. Luckily I don't have to use charcoal for the other two. ^^ Shit drives me crazy...

I don't like how drawing assignment 5 turned out. Okay maybe the lower right one, but we were experimenting with value, and again, I had to rush through it like a fool. People liked the upper left, though.

Ew. I don't even wanna talk about it. xD Kay, moving on.

Assignment 6. A bit more fun, I guess. We finally got to add a second medium. I chose watercolor to emphasis the connection between the soul and the eyes (windows to the soul, y'know). Fun stuff. Prof liked it. It could still use a bit of work...and re-work...but it's alright for the assignment. My second giant image will go along with kind of the same technique and idea. 

Ms. S saw the sketch for the bigger one and liked it, too, until I exaggerated the eye-lashes. "It's too pretty-pretty, princess..." lol wtf okay whatever. Fine. Jeez. 

Aaand my major advisor had me completely turn my senior seminar project around. Visit the online portfolio for the low-down (starting on week 3)~

And then here's another example of stuff I'm working on in Maya:

I'm so proud, I modeled that one all by myself from a candle on my desk. No assistance for once. :3 Oh yeah.

Anyway, I need to go work on commissions, so I'll pick this up again later with maybe a WIP of the new giant drawing. 


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