Friday, September 28, 2012

Drawing Assignment 8 + wrist injury

I swear...

I'm going to somehow record the feedback I get from Ms. S.
It's gotten to the point that I just...stand there and listen to her go on about my work in ways I've never quite heard before, and it seems to surreal I can't respond.
I'm a little weary already of just talking about it - almost as if what I'm typing is a sick, old lie someone made up to give me a false sense of encouragement.

This was assignment 8. We were to stick with our theme, of course, but this time we were to write a piece to go along with our image. Of course, the writing needed to be personalized, hand written, and thought out as an art piece itself in whatever way we saw fit. Very open criteria. I simply chose to pour my heart out onto homemade stationary. 

I'm glad prof didn't lecture me about this being more of a design after calling the drawing an "emblem," and the class pointed out the tattoo-ish look (someone even offered to pay me to do one like it for them). Instead, she challenged me to put even more of myself into the art. She said it was too generic, and brought up my autumn apparel. Apparently, she'd been analyzing more than just the look of the clothing when I wore my new top and scarf the other day.
She said I was unique. And when I was reading my writing piece to the class, she said she'd been admiring my "aura." ...what? Sometimes I wonder if I'm reminding her of herself in some way...judging by the way she's been talking to me.
I didn't say anything. I was thinking, and she went on.
She mentioned my choice of clothing style and how much it said about my personality. She said...that I'm not a normal girl. I don't know what she meant by it, but it reminded me of when she pointed out my "strong side" with a hidden "vulnerability." She noticed I wear the same black boots every day, and that I wouldn't even think of wearing something outside of my style. She wants that inner charisma to show in my work. And I've been debating how to do that ever since. I told her I was afraid of disappointing her...and she told me not to be cause she "likes everything [I] do."


I need to go to bed soon, so I'll mention one other thing real quick...

I got hurt. Badly. Strained my wrist while handling something heavy during officer training today, and now I can't use my drawing hand for much. Can hardly open a door or cut meat. It's fucking pathetic.
I didn't see a doctor or anything...just talked to a cadet in the medical field, and he didn't seem too worried. But my big fitness assessment is on Wednesday. If this doesn't heal by then...I'm in some deep shit.

Here's to hoping...~


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