Monday, September 24, 2012

Drawing Assignment 7 + 2nd big piece

Just a quick one here...wanted to talk about some stuff before Senior Seminar begins...(dude, I'm literally at school from 9:40am to 8pm on sucks big time).

I forgot to get a shot of these four recent images before taking them off the wall, but here they are - charcoal again - was to spend no more than 15 minutes on each...I timed myself this time:

Again, going along with the theme of inner struggle/turmoil. Charcoal + short time limit = very frustrated me. I just went all over the place with those bottom I juz didn't care! 'Cause y'know...nothing ever really goes well when I'm rushed. But alas...the bottom right was people's favorite...
GO. FIGURE. :| Went off on some tangent about how intriguing the linework was - YOU KNOW...intellectual artistic jargon like that.
They also liked the markings found in the bottom left, and how the eye on top was so deep and pulls you in...and I'm just standin' there like: ^___^  ;;

But anyway. Here's a WIP of my second giant piece:

I've got on my new top and scarf/sash and Ms. S asked why I was dressed up. I told her just for autumn and she said she liked it. p: Glad she didn't comment on 'at dar farmer's tan!!
So, yeah, I know the hand closest to the viewer is too small. I get it. I've tweaked it over 9000 times, I'm done, I've lived and learned, got it. 
It's totally gonna bug me for the rest of my life.

I get to use pencil this time, I'm so happy. ;u; It'll have color in it and a bg, too, when it's done...and I'll go over the deeper meaning of the image at that point. 

But in other news today...
Prof kept complimenting me again...and it just feels weird. She said she pushes me out of my box because I "have mad skills..." I told her thank you, but I'm thinking...really? I mean I guess I keep comparing myself to all those amazing accomplished artists on DA, and it keeps me in this constant state of "well, I'm really NOT that awesome, kay," despite how much of an ego I can get. p:
But here's this great college professor (who is most certainly not easy to please in the slightest), speaking so highly of what I do.
And on top of that I overheard my classmates talking behind my back during class this afternoon. Some girl was working on her portraits, and when one of the guys came around to talk about her stuff (the asshole I mentioned on twitter lol), I heard her say, "Yeah, Ashleigh's just so good at this..."
And I know she was talking about me 'cause there are no other "Ashleigh's" in the vicinity during this particular time period...but I minded my own business. Honestly, I was a little embarrassed. I don't like it when people watch me draw, let alone talk about it while I'm working on something (yes, livestream makes me incredibly nervous if you're wondering).

Sooo, I dunno. Just gonna keep trying to get better so I feel like I deserve what they're saying. = / And I'm really not just saying this. I know about the huge, deep limitations I have, and it really bugs me, I guess.


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