Sunday, September 2, 2012

Childish Adults

This entry is a rant. 
Read at your own risk.

     I had to apologize to a good friend today who was gracious enough to accompany me to an anime convention I frequent. She was pretty excited about it, and while I had some fun, for the most part I was just 'meh' about it. And other times I was downright cynical, so I felt bad. 
I often get that way at cons.
It's because of the people. Some folks are awesome, wonderful, talented, and fun to be around. But most con goers are disgusting freaks I simply can't stand. 

I support having fun. I support being immature every now and then. What I don't support is grown, healthy, adult human beings acting like fucking preschoolers in a public place like its normal. It makes me sick. Waves of pure detest rake through my whole body, and it takes a hell of a will it restrain myself from throttling these degraded creatures right on the spot. 

Do not scream if you want something. Talk. Ask politely. RESTRAIN YOURSELF like an educated, intelligent, sane, well-behaved person. Trust me, it's possible to have a great time and act civil simultaneously. Sure, holler if you're excited. But don't do it constantly, don't do it in my goddamn ear, and don't fucking lose control and start foaming at the mouth unless you're wanting animal control to throw you behind bars and have little kids come point and laugh at you for the rest of your pathetic little life.

Do not fucking touch me. If you want a hug, ASK, and then do so in a chill manner. If you jump on me, fool with my costume, cling without permission, OR PUT YOUR ARM AROUND MY WAIST LIKE YOU OWN ME (you perverted piece of filth), expect to be shunned and possibly reported. 

Do not ask stupid questions. I'm seriously debating bringing a photo of every canon sailor senshi with me to conventions I attend as Uni. 
"Are you Sailor Venus?!?!" 
...Are you an idiot...?

I also have been called Moon, Saturn, and Cosmos in this costume - none of which look anything like Universe. They can't take a look at the caliber of my work and think that just MAYBE if I wanted it to look like a canon WOULD? Then in my Haruhi outfit...which is complete with brown hair and no glasses...frequently gets called Kyouya...(more like screamed at, because we all know normal talking is just so complicated)...

These people don't use their though they'd downright explode if logical thought dared prance through the hollow of their skull. It's tragic. 

Do not suddenly stop in the middle of a walkway. Common courtesy, people. If it was legal to throw you out of the way, about 20 unfortunate souls would have gone airborne today alone. I move with a sense of purpose through hallways, and when people loiter like mindless corpses, I have to remind myself they're not children and can't scold them. It's painful.

Do not show yourself in public without showering. What the fuck are you...homeless?? Then get to a shelter, not an anime convention! Just because people are overly accepting here doesn't mean you can skip on the basics in life.

For the old men - Do not assume it's cool to dress like young school girls. Supposedly, everything goes at anime conventions, and some people may squeal and shout "SUPER FRICKEN KAWAII" in your general direction, but here's the reality: ........that's fucking creepy. You're not cool, you're not cute, you're not expressing yourself, you're flat out DOING IT WRONG. And don't stalk the school girl cosplayers either, for Christ's sake, it's so obvious when you pose like professional photographers and then track down every attractive female in the vicinity! 

And I do not find it okay for grown people to prance around and sing like toddlers. I'm sorry if you find that FUN. Dancing and singing is one thing, okay, there is a big difference between that and galloping around in public like a 2 year-old with your shirt off and belting the words to your favorite J-pop song like the world needs to hear your tone deaf antics. If this was anywhere else, you'd probably be arrested for public disturbance, indecency, and possibly acting out under the influence of some obscure drug. That should tell you something. 

Other things on my "do not" list are merely personal preference. I don't like people playing ocarinas in the corner like they want attention, I don't like the yaoi/yuri hype, or the overrated cosplays (naruto, hetalia, death note, bleach, etc) and the congregation of mindless con goers all screaming and shouting, or The Game (fucking hell, people), I can't stand it when people run around chasing each other like little kids, or talk like they've never set foot in an educational facility in their life...

There's just a whole lot that bugs the absolute hell outta me.

I attend anime cons for two things: cosplay and art. Occasionally, I'll indulge myself in the presence of a talented voice actor. But mostly, it's my passion for fantastical creativity that drives me to keep going back to these things. In addition, I have attended at least 14 conventions since '07, and there's only one at which I didn't make any money. My artwork gets me paid at anime cons even when I don't have a table in the Artist Alley. I have my ways, and that's another thing that keeps me going back.

I just wish I could enjoy myself a bit more without having to worry about the immense lack of maturity at these conventions. And then I come home and am faced with my roommate. She's a good person. But she's, in some ways, just as childish as these people I'm complaining about. ...Cannot pick up after herself, frequently whines that she wants her mommy, can't stand being away from her parents for an extended period even though she's 22 years old, very often talks down to me about how to clean or do certain things that she herself isn't very knowledgable about, goes through mood swings like mad and will cry about pretty much anything, talks about getting a cat when she failed at taking care of mine, is extremely dependent on other people emotionally and financially...the list goes on and on, and to be honest, I'm no longer in the mood to rant about it. 

This is one reason why I love my boyfriend so much. He willingly listens to these rants of mine and offers a calm, stable, intelligent mind for me to rely on when people around me just seem so out of it...

Definitely hoping I get to speak with him soon.


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