Monday, August 27, 2012

For the Sanity...

Oh my God...

This semester I'll be taking an Astronomy class, Advanced Drawing, Art Analysis, Computer Modeling, and a Senior Seminar for my art major. On top of that, I'll have my ROTC duties (which is damn near a full-time job for those who are unaware - it takes up mega time). I'll also keep doing commissions as they're my only source of income right now.

My Advanced Drawing instructor, who is also my professor for the senior seminar, just found out about my workload and pulled me and another girl aside at the end of class today to let us know that what we're trying to do is near impossible. The amount of time we're going to have to dedicate to the projects in each of these courses practically doesn't exist. It's POSSIBLE...but it's not going to come without a hell of a challenge. I will probably have to spend every waking moment working over the next 14 weeks (if not sleeping, showering, etc). And, no, there is no other way. I have to pass this class now, or there will not be another opportunity before May when I'm scheduled to graduate. If I don't graduate on time, I can kiss my Air Force career good-bye.

And I need my commissioners to be very aware of this, because patience from them will be my greatest gift.

I will literally be doing HUNDREDS of art pieces this semester. 100 alone will be done within the course of a week. I will keep count. We'll see. I already have 12 due on Wednesday. And my first major project in Advanced Art is 3 huge pieces that must be a foot taller than me in height (thank God I'm so short!). way I cope with stressful art projects is to let others in on them. I will be updating this blog as often as I can while I'm in school working on these things with progress reports, photos, time-lapse videos, freak outs, keep me sane, and also to keep me on task. If I fall behind even a's all over.

Think being an artist is easy...?

*dies laughing*